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This is Happening.

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

What, in fact, is happening?!

Here's where you can peruse past blog posts when my site was

Oh! It's still happening. All of it!

Growing, learning, moving forward, some steps back.

Some languishing (thanks, Covid!) and some flourishing.

It's life after all.

I am here for it.

This blog is here for it.

This newsletter is here for it.

Your meditation practice is here for it.

You are here for it and for that - well, thanks!

Begin Anyhow is a mantra I have been TRYING to stick to since about. . . well, since about forever.

So I am going to BEGIN to bring this newsletter back and the ANYHOW

is an unperfected goal, a to-do list that's bottom-line: unruly, a world where branding is everything, motivation that ebbs and flows, and jumping in with a little bit of that my eyes are closed and I have no idea what is next feeling.

So yeah! Begin Anyhow. Woo hoo!

There are so many reasons to NOT "Begin Anyhow" and I am throwing it out the window to begin. Now.

Another reason to NOT beginning anyhow is this is not even the beginning!!

Feel free to read through all of it, (it being past posts)

some of it,

none of it and

please outta my way

while I begin anyhow!


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